Who We Are

Super Runaway is the husband-and-wife team of Jeff Fein-Worton (programmer!) and Liz Grotyohann (designer!). We were high-school-sweethearts who always kind of dreamed of starting a web design company together while we were off getting degrees in such conveniently compatible skills.

We each spent a number of years gaining experience in the non-profit world, and decided it was time to make our own way with a business model that we could completely believe in — one that supports independent, small businesses like our own.



Jeff has a BS in Computer Science, and he's been building websites since the web, um, existed. (Or at least since it was readily available to us civilian-types.) His credentials include experience with a whole slew of programming languages, a good eye for design, and the fact that he got in-school suspension for hacking into and reconfiguring the security software on the computers in his high school.



Liz has a BFA in Graphic Design and has worked on almost every kind of design project you can imagine. She has helped to build educational exhibitions for children and helped to publish smut. It doesn't matter if the project is big or small, she can make it look amazing; it doesn't matter if the budget is small or even smaller, she can find a way to get it done.


About the site

Everything on this site runs on open source software, because it's all made with love, and we like that. For the curious, the site is written in Python, using the Django framework. For all of the silly animations and such, we use JavaScript with jQuery, and not Flash because Flash is evil. This and most of the sites we've made are hosted on several Ubuntu servers with the awesome people at Linode.